Cover Reveal: Ambriehl Khalil – Coins In The Coffee Cup

Happy Funday Friday! What a FUN day it is today. What are your big plans for the weekend? Are you reading, writing, playing in the snow or making everyone in the snow get jealous as you lounge on a beach?

Today we’re revealing the cover for Australian debut author, Ambriehl Khalil and her LGBTQ YA novel, Coins In The Coffee Cup.

You can catch up with Ambriehl on twitter – @ambriehlkhalil

Since her title is YA, we wanted something youthful and had inspiration from a variety of YA novels that took the world by storm in the last ten years.

Here are the covers we didn’t choose:

CoinsCover2 Coins3o3 coins5 Coins3

There was one more, but it wasn’t pretty. We’re just going to act like it didn’t exist.

Don’t forget that launching soon is our Author Services Department at French Press Bookworks. If you like one of these covers, let us know and we’ll reserve it for you. Otherwise, you can shop our Covers That Weren’t for a banging cover on a budget!

Now, for the cover that will be….ready?

Coins In The Coffee Cup: Final Cover    Author Ambriehl Khalil Publisher French Press Bookworks -

This cover features artwork from AlexVector. At first we submitted a brighter yellow green, and while we didn’t love it, we loved how the two boys look like coins.

Ambriehl loved it as well and knew this was going to be her cover, we just needed some font changes and to get rid of that shocking green. Let’s admit it, it probably wouldn’t look good in print anyway.

So chat with us, which one is your favoriteand what do you think of the final selection? Leave your thoughts in the comments for a chance to win an ARC of Ambriehl’s book when it releases!


3 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Ambriehl Khalil – Coins In The Coffee Cup

  1. Ana Franco says:

    Oh! Beautiful as ever! This one actually reminds me of Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor&Park (am I too weird? haha)
    But one thing is certain here: our family do know how to choose covers! O=

    • That was one of our inspirations! We went through a few “Perks Of Being A Wallflower” style ideas but just really loved the simplicity of Eleanor & Park. When we came across the artist who made the sketches, we knew the coin styling was what we had to work with. In the end, it came together beautifully. And, you are right. Our family absolutely knows how to pick a cover!

  2. Jason Lopez says:

    Absolutely lovely, the ideas were good and honestly I couldn’t agree more to the final selection. Nice job and so excited about this book.

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