David O’Sullivan’s Short Story – “A New Weapon”

David G O'Sullivan

The New Weapon.

Simon Baker was born to a young woman before the great war began. His mother Simone became pregnant to a man one summer evening in a sleeper carriage on a train heading out from the city. She lived on a farm in dairy country where heavy rains fall all year around. She was responsible for the washing and cooking for all the men working there.

“Why would you call your son Simon?” the woman who owned a share of the farm asked when the boy was a few years old. “It’s so close to your own name.”
“I have conducted myself well for the last few years, have I not ma’am?” Simone asked in return.
“Yes you have.”
“And I have minded my own business?”
“Yes…” the woman saw where the conversation was going and left her alone.

The boy grew up happily on the farm but very lonely…

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