Cover Reveal: The Bomber by David O’Sullivan

Oh man, we are so excited for this!

Between Ana’s super fun and colorful cover for Down The Wormhole and now David’s BEAUTIFUL cover for The Bomber, we are LOVING what is coming out of our cover designers.

First, let’s get to the covers that weren’t. We didn’t have these for Ana because we had a super clear idea of what we wanted to do, and, on a lucky chance she loved them.

With David, we have this intense story that features PTSD, love, retribution, pain, guilt, and so many other emotions that  compounds into this intense, page turning, take you for a ride thriller. When you’re finished, you look back and think, “What the hell just happened and how did Joseph stay somewhat sane through this?”

I can’t talk about it too much or I’m going to just give the whole thing away and we have to be able to tease you and we have to make you wait.

So without ado, let’s show you the stunning covers that weren’t to be:

David had a very particular feel that he was going for and he was most attracted to an art deco, suggestive piece that reflected a journal with leather styled textures. We love that idea as well, but also wanted to give him some more literal translations.

In the end, our favorite was the leather style with the large text. The second favorite was the dark background with the smokey and flaming text, followed by the grimey guy holding the bomb.

In the end, our top favorite was ALMOST the contender but not quite right. A little more simple in the text, and some small changes in the font to where it struck the center of the image, and voila! Our cover for David O’Sullivan’s The Bomber:

The Bomber, Coming Soon from David O'Sullivan at www.pennamepublishing.comWe find it to be really striking and suggestive without being too much of a literal translation.

What do you think? Which one was your favorite?

Don’t forget to check up on what David is writing about on his blog – and catch him on twitter – @1davidosullivan.

We’re also releasing teasers on our Instagram account – @pennamepublishing and David is available for interviews, guest posts, and ARC signups. If you’re interested in reviewing David’s title for your Book Blog or professional review site, let us know by clicking here!

If you are already a member of our Early Readers’ Club, you don’t need to sign up again to obtain your ARC copy.

The Bomber officially releases on 6-24-2014, are you ready for retribution?


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