Funday Friday: Where’s the time?


What are you up to today?  First, we want to send all of our friends in India and wherever else currently celebrating, a very, very, very Happy Diwali!

Our Editor in Chief currently lives on the subcontinent and is drowning herself in coffee today after being up all night with firecrackers.  There is nothing quite like the festival of lights.  Even when you’re out of sparkly things to shoot off, there is still a stockpile within 10 feet of you!

Our plan was to introduce our NaNoWriMo writing contest with French Press Bookworks yesterday, but we’re saving it for Monday.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo?  Get your basic outline and synopsis ready, because we are ready for you!  Want to know more? Come back on Monday!

Today, for Funday Friday, we’re giving a writing prompt.  We used to do these on Tuesday, but as it is just so fun, we’re moving it to Friday.

“She turned to the sunlight    And shook


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