Cover Reveal: Leigh Raines – “We’re All Mad Here”


Yesterday we showed you the covers that weren’t.  And today, this is the cover that was!

Author Leigh Raines had two ideas, one being a modified Alice a la Disney gone bad.

We think after looking at the covers that weren’t, which one was an almost but not quite bad enough.  While we loved the cover that wasn’t #3, Leigh’s response was, “Jade is a hot mess, she would never look that put together!”

We laughed and had to agree!  We like the subtleness of the watercolor and the throwback styling of the label.

The label blocking out Alice/Jade’s eyes could also reflect on parts of Jade’s struggle and search for identity while she seemingly spirals out of control.

Don’t forget, blogger ARCs are still available for this title.  If you’d like to review “We’re All Mad Here”, drop us a comment with your blog name and if you prefer .mobi or .epub.

Happy Cover Reveal!



5 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Leigh Raines – “We’re All Mad Here”

  1. Ana Franco says:

    Aha! I knew it! Cover #1 that wasn’t was so very beautiful but you managed to make it even better! Loved it more than before, 🙂

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