New Author Spotlight: David O’Sullivan

Meet New Author: David O’Sullivan


David also joins us from Australia, and we will be bringing you his debut, The Bomber, in the summer of 2015.

The Bomber is a love story of sorts that touches on some difficult subjects that are reflective of the current trends around the world in love…and war.

David pulled us in to his debut with  the following statement:

The Bomber enters the life of Joseph Starling, a man returned from the war and uncertain about his future. He is challenged by the society he has returned to and the people within it. The world he lives in is being shaken to its core, the Government is engaged in unpopular wars, there are groups of people opposed to the fighting and are engaging in anti social activities and crime and corruption are on the rise.

This is what David has to say about himself:

My name is David O’Sullivan and I am a writer from New South Wales, Australia. I am a graduate from Macquarie University, Sydney where I attained a Bachelors Degree in Law and Arts. I studied Literature and creative writing under my Arts Degree. During this time I was a finalist in Ireland’s Fish Publishing Short Story Competition.

I have had many poems and short stories published in literary magazines in a number of countries, including my home town of Wagga Wagga and in San Francisco Colleges literary journal ‘Forum’.

I spent two years hosting a radio show called ‘The department of Reading and Writing’ on TEM-FM, a community radio station in a nearby town called Temora. This show concentrated on interviewing established authors and on reading poems and books on air.

I am currently a member of Charles Sturt University’s Writers Centre in Wagga Wagga.

I write because I love to form ideas and concepts into stories and share them with other people. This came through with my previous publishing history when I was working with Forum Magazine. On the submission panel I had to discuss my work with three people. I was able to effectively cooperate with the panel on a number of editing changes they wished to make because I could see it made the work stronger. This resulted in piece of work that both parties were very happy with and a very successful story that was one of the most popular in the magazines history.

You can follow David on his new twitter account – @1DavidOSullivan

And make sure to follow his blog, which he is currently setting up and making a plan for:


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