New Author Spotlight: Ambriehl Khalil

Meet Our New YA Author, Ambriehl Khalilambriehlheadshot

Apart from always spelling her name wrong, we are excited to have Ambriehl as part of our Young Adult Author family.  She joins us from down under, the wonderful continent of Australia.

Working with Ambriehl gives us a chance to bring YA straight from a young adult.

Ambriehl will be debuting her Young Adult debut, Coins In The Coffee Cup, in July, 2015.  It’s currently in the editing room and you can expect to start seeing teasers in Mid-November.

Ambriehl describes herself as a young writer with a passion for the written word, having had success writing fanfiction and building a strong reader base of over 100,000.

In her own words, “I wish to share my work with other people,
and inspire young teens and even adults to do what they love. I search for  ways to capture a serious issue and make it relatable to a wide audience through the my skills in writing. My dream is to pursue as a successful  writer and I won’t stop until I get there.”

We are going to tease you with one small piece from her opening chapter that we fell in love with and made us eager to read the full manuscript:

     I have had friends. I had like … one? His name was Jonathan Romonsky, I was thirteen, he was seventeen and he was not only the world’s gayest kid who wore rainbow suspenders, but he was also the world’s most miserable and depressed kid that I’ve ever heard of. I owe him a lot though, mainly because he helped me come to terms with a lot of things in my life, like:

  • What I was (human, obviously)
  • Who I was (Harrison Healy) and
  • Where I wanted to be (not dead in a ditch).

Which I guess is kind of a lot to come to terms with at the age of thirteen, I guess. I remember once Jonathan Romonsky told me that, “Sometimes you have to go outside, take a breath of fresh air and remind yourself of who you are, and who you want to be.”

We are currently taking blogger signups for reviews, cover reveals, interviews, and guest posts for Coins In The Coffee Cup.  You can sign up on our website,


One thought on “New Author Spotlight: Ambriehl Khalil

  1. Shanna-Lee Peters says:

    I’m am so proud of this young lady. At such a young age she has achieved so much.

    Ps this is my little sister, so you can just imagine how proud I am of her xoxox

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