Funday Friday: Brush Up On Your Spanish!

Rusty, the mysterious and brooding love interest of The Before Now and After Then, is Venezuelan.  Small pieces of his culture pop up through cooking of arepas, the meeting of his abuela (grandmother).

We love the intercultural aspect and actively look for pieces that feature different backgrounds in the main characters.  I don’t know about you, but finding someone in a book from a culture or background that I’m not familiar with makes me want to know more about where they are from and how it impacts who they are.

I’m sure we all know some basic Spanish: gracias, hasta la vista (baby), loco, me llamo(a), yo quiero, etc etc.

Spanish finds its way into pop culture constantly and if you’re from the USA like us, one of the languages that is constantly pushed on you during your basic studies.

Today, we felt it would be fun to learn some new and funny Spanish phrases for Funday Friday!

Lets’ get started:

Pocas mujeres admiten su edad. Pocos hombres actuan acorde a su edad. – Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs.

Un buen vecino… es el que no le pone clave al Wi-Fi. – A good neigbour … Is one that leaves free Wi-Fi.

La experiencia es algo que no se tiene hasta poco después de que se necesita. – Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

Hay días tontos y tontos todos los días. – There are stupid days, and people who are stupid every day

Feel free to contribute your own or visit  and for some more funny but incredibly useful Spanish phrases!

When you’re finished learning funny, maybe useful, probably ridiculous Spanish, make sure to pick up TBNAT and fall in love with Rusty and Danny.

Thank you for a fantastic Teen Reads Week!

Adios Amigos and Amigas!


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