Teaser Tuesday: Teen Reads Week and Leigh Raines

Happy Teaser Tuesday and welcome again to Teen Reads Week!

Have you reached out to a teen and encouraged them to pick up something magical this week?  If you’re a teen, what are your favorite reads right now?  What authors do you want more of?

Chat with us, we love to talk to you and love to know what you’re reading.

Today we bring you the second teaser from French Press Bookworks and Leigh Raines.  We are so excited for French Press Bookworks as we feel it is a new and fresh approach to publishing, and we are so thankful to be working with someone as cool and driven as Miss Leigh Raines for the introduction.

Her debut, We’re All Mad Here, caught our attention because it is such an honest and inside look at the pressure placed on young people and how it can be internalized to create mental stresses which lead to prescriptions.  Are Americans over medicated?  Have we lost the chance to face down our own demons? Do we rely too much on a pill for temporary relief?  What happens when that one little pill turns into something more?

On the outside, Jade seems like a normal girl, maybe even spoiled with her upper middle class parents.  Some might argue that she has no real stress and it’s all made up for attention.  Those arguements are great because it shows how people view who should and should not be allowed to struggle and how they can and cannot deal with their issues, both publically and privately.

Okay, we have to leave some for a future #TeaserTuesday, but for now, enjoy:

We're All Mad HereBy Leigh Raines


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