Teaser Tuesday: We’re All Mad Here

But one can only be pushed so far, which

Leigh Raines is the first author to join our new imprint, French Press Bookworks. (www.frenchpressbookworks.com)

We are so excited to have her on board and even more excited about her debut, We’re All Mad Here.

We’re All Mad Here is New Adult Fiction that follows the main character, Jade Thompson, through depression and back.  It is an unfiltered look at the stigma attached to depression, anxiety, prescriptions, and the sometimes shocking revelation that happens when people realize they aren’t alone and in fact, We’re All Mad Here.

Blogger signs up are now open for reviews, interviews, takeovers, and the cover reveal on 10-21.  Email earlyreaders@pennamepublishing.com to get on board.

While you’re at it, we have a new website!  Have you seen it yet?  Stop on over to http://www.pennamepublishing.com.

Happy Tuesday Friends!


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