It’s Twitter Tuesday!

Hey friends!  We hope you all had a great Labor Day holiday weekend in the USA.  If you follow along with us, you may know that our EIC is currently living in India, so we want to send warm wishes to India and others who are celebrating Ganesh Chaturti.  Ganpati Bapa Moryi!  Is there anything more fun than a holiday?

For Twitter Tuesday, we like to throw out a short story prompt and you finish it in 140 characters or less in your reply.  But, today, we want to know what your favorite holiday memory was!

Leave us a comment below and our favorite two will get a copy of Peter Monn’s The Before Now and After Then.

Happy Day!



The PNP Crew


3 thoughts on “It’s Twitter Tuesday!

  1. Alice says:

    When I was like 10 years old we – Mom, Dad, my little brother & me – rent a camping van and drove to all our favorite places in Germany. It felt like everything is possible. I loved it to discover our country. I saw so much when I was younger . Everything was new and unknown. We had so much fun together as a family – of course there were little fights too but that’s just normal. I really wish I could turn back time when I had summer holidays & life was easier. Haha. Actually I’d love to rent a camping van in the future to drive along the roads and enjoy vacations. 😉

  2. Lost in Transit: Mine would be my first family vacation, although it was the journey there which holds the best memory for me. We stopped over in Paris first, and an hour off the plane, I wandered off from my family and got well and truly lost. I was five, and quite oblivious. A massive child hunt ensued and hours later my family even began to believe I’d never be found, and most likely raised in a French orphanage. But, there I was, nicely standing in the Duty Free, politely trying to inquire about a baby doll I couldn’t keep my eyes off. I left with my family and the lovely doll courtesy of the Duty Free Manager. I still have that doll, and I still love Paris.

  3. “It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas! WAKE UP!” I’ve yelled every morning since I can remember. I’m 26 and married, and this last Christmas my husband got his first dose of my Christmas cheer. Less than a foot away from me, he needed a shake at best, but he got an earthquake. With almost good spirits he woke up and we spent the morning lazing about in front of the tree with cocoa. Then we drove to the beautiful chaos of a big family present opening afternoon and early dinner with my homemade pies and my dad’s fried turkey. It was low-key, but filled with love and great food. Oh, and the presents. What more can you ask for in a holiday?

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