It’s Writing Wednesday!

Greetings friends, readers, and fellow book nerds!

The past month has been extremely busy as we have been launching a book, pulling a book, and signing books.  We’re doing the delicate dance of growing up in this book world of publishing and testing the waters as we go.

We have had so many fantastic submissions lately and we are up to our necks trying to make the best decisions for our main imprint of Pen Name Publishing and moving some other fantastic options over to French Press Bookworks.  After our big announcement, we have been overwhelmed with the support, excitement, and messages surrounding the new venture.  We are going to address some of those questions tomorrow for Thursday Trends, because, they deal directly with trends in writing and publishing.

As we pick back up with blogging now that we have a better footing in this wild and wonderful world, we’re going to be following a schedule that you may or may not have already picked up on. It basically goes something like this:

Monday’s – Manuscripts.  All of your burning questions on anything to do with submission, finishing,  publishing and developing.  In the last eight months, we have learned A LOT.  Mainly, anytime you say “This is going to be super easy, it’s a no brainer,” it isn’t.  We want to pass that knowledge on to you and we will, one Monday at a time.  In the meantime, send your burning manuscript questions to us via the comments and we will address them.

Tuesday’s – Twitter Stories.  We like to play games on Tuesday’s to lighten up the Manic Monday hangover.  We give you a short story prompt on Twitter, carry it over to the blog, and let you finish the story up in under 140 characters.  We’ve had some great fun doing this in the past and we really miss it.  Sometimes, you just need a short blurb to get your wheels turning for the day and your fingers clicking away on your next bestseller.

Also on Tuesday’s, we’ll tap into our book club.  Why?  I don’t know.  Tuesday just seems like the day to do it.  We started with “The Great Gatsby” and on September 1, we are going to move into “Tess of the D’eubervilles” at the suggestion of one of our great friends we have met along the way .  The book club mainly hangs out on GoodReads, but feel free to catch up with us and get reminders here.

Wednesday- We’re Writing Wednesday.  For the next 10981209 years, we are going to talk about the differences in genres by running through the basic classifications we’ve already discussed and those fabulous little numbers that drive us up the wall at times – the BOSAC codes.  Are you excited?  

Don’t be too sad, on Wednesday’s we’re also going to let our authors take over and send in guest posts about what they’re up to, what they’re working on, and answer your questions directly.

Thursdays – Trends.  Wait, this is writing, not fashion.  Why do I care about trends?  Well, you should.  They touch every side from covers to writing to processes to software even to publishing.  Being able to spot and recognize trends in any industry will insure that whether you are part of a corporation or a self-running entity that you are able to stay at the top of your game.  

We will openly talk more about that journey on Thursdays because our little blunders are something you might find useful.  We’re an open book.  We believe in transparency, sharing, and opening up to form a stronger community.  Sometimes that means talking about stupid things you’ve done, mistakes you’ve made, or celebrating beautiful accomplishments and praising the amazing and innovative work of your authors.  That’s what Thursdays are for.

Friday are for fun.

We’ll talk about our favorite reads, our favorite literary inspired outfits, vacations, eats, and journeys.  We’ll open Friday’s up to any of our friends and fans to come chat with us about anything related to reading and literature.  

Do you have a favorite story inspired recipe?  Have you stalked the path of one of your favorite authors?  Was there a time that you visited a smokey cafe just because you heard someone once wrote there?  Have you had a fangirl moment that was absolutely amazing with one of your favorite literary geniuses?  

I’ll tell you my fangirl moment.  I was ten, a voracious reader – I mean, I would leave lunch early and run to the library to help them with their returned books in hopes of finding something new to read.  Like many young girls in the early 90s, I was deep into The Saddle Club, Marguerite Henry (Misty of Chincoteague anyone?), Ann of Green Gables, and, The Babysitter’s Club.

Ann M. Martin was coming to Kid’s Ink, Greenwood Indiana’s finest children’s bookstore.  I had to go.  My amazing mother, not wanting to deprive me of the opportunity to meet my current icon and thrilled it wasn’t Tiffani Amber Theissen or some other crop top wearing sex icon, drove me and my best friend to meet her.  We stood in the line as it wrapped outside of the building, through the narrow isles, in and out of isles, and up to the bobbed haired, denim jumper clad Martin.

I was shaking as I handed her book #1 and the first Super Edition.  I expected her to ask my name or talk to me.  She just signed my book in blue ink and handed it back to me where we were ushered off and out the door.

Young me didn’t mind that she didn’t care to even look at me, shake my hand, or acknowledge me.  I had her signature, something no one else except my best friend and I had.  We.  Were.  Rockstars.

Want to tell us about your moment?  Give yourself a shameless plug?  Give us something to drool over or to go shopping for?  Email us, we’ll add you to our schedule.

Finally, the weekends.

We love y’all, but we need some time to rest.  We thought we could do seven days a week but we have recently realized that not only are we not superman incarnate, we really need to rejuice the batteries on the weekend or else we resemble Oscar the Grouch on Monday.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So join us, Monday-Friday for fun times, fun talks, and feel free to share with us.

The fun starts tomorrow.


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