Thursday Trend Talks: Author Platforms

Happy Thursday Friends!

On Thursday’s, we are going to discuss trends in various important aspects of marketing yourself and your work.

Most of these trends will center around something that can make even the most well seasoned writers cringe in fear and shrink into the shadows of a corner in a round room.

*sound the trumpets*

Yes, the Author Platform! 

We touched on this briefly during our Tuesday Monday blog about the dreaded query letter.  For any new writer, the publisher or agent you are approaching will want to know about your platform, how you build it daily, what your plan of action and long term goals are, and how effectively you use it.

My oh my, how times have changed since Dickens.

There are so many multifaceted approaches and pieces that work together to create the whole package.  This is what makes the platform discussion so interesting and so important.  There is no one magic formula for everyone, there are only ideas, strategies, executions, failures and successes.  Some people will excel with Twitter while others will not.  Some, myself included, will dread certain pieces like Facebook that others swear by.

Our goal for Thursday Trend Talks is to look at different strategies, different examples of author platforms and successful campaign expansions.

We want you to tell us what terrifies you about author platforms, what you love, what you don’t understand and what you want to know more about.  Leave your questions, concerns and comments below and while you’re at it, give yourself a pat on the back and share YOUR author platform with us!  If you are self-published or published with another house, it doesn’t matter.  We’re all in this together and celebrating your success will help other authors that you maybe shared shoes with once upon a time.


The Pen Name Publishing Crew


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