Twitter Tuesday: Story Prompt

It is Twitter Tuesday and you know how we do!

We give you a story prompt, you respond in 140 characters or less.

140 Characters of less seems to be a bit of a challenge for some of you though, so we are opening our blog to your creativity for longer stories.  Still, keep it pretty short, but leave your answer in the comments below.

Who knows what could happen?  We’ve thought of crafting a year long anthology or even asking some of you to expand your shorts into something longer.

Today’s prompt (which will also be blasted on Twitter multiple times today for you to play there or here) will be:

 Finish me: I had the key in my hand and I couldn’t believe it.  The metal ornament was on a long red ribbon and belonged to:


One thought on “Twitter Tuesday: Story Prompt

  1. Carolyn Waddell says:

    Chase Latham. He is the owner of Club Red! It is an exclusive dating club. I met him by accident while hailing a cab. Our brief conversation lead to an exchange of information. He asked me if I knew of his establishment to which I replied no. There was an unidentifiable nuance to our encounter that left me curious. I dismissed it as fatigue and stepped out of the cab. I was surprised when he called me. I was even more surprised he did so personally. Did he want me as a member of his club or did HE want me? All I know is that I was dying to find out!

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