Welcome to the Pen Name Publishing Blog!

Hello Friends! 

Welcome to our little corner of the Internet where we can blab and share with you.  I’m sure you’re wondering what you can expect from our blog and what we plan to talk about.

First of all, our motley little crew survives on caffeine and sarcasm in between marathon writing sessions.  We are going to be open, honest, and share our process with you from start to finish.  This means we are going to be delivering writing tips, manuscript secrets, formatting tricks, how to find a publisher (even if it isn’t us), and how to find your voice while you write.

Each day of the week will have a different industry focus topic for our primary blog and if we can pull ourselves away from our writing and latte sipping, we will throw in some fun.  With that being said, don’t expect anything to come around on Sunday, sometimes our sarcasm needs a siesta and sunshine.  If you read something on Sunday, love it, share it and treasure it because it is a rare present.

We will also be sharing recipes inspired by our stories (Fifteen Weekends has a great little Blueberry Buckle), books we love, recommendations, and hosting open chats with our authors and staff.

 Everyone on our staff is also a writer, so when you talk to us about what you’ve got going on, you can trust that we understand.  Afterall, we started because traditional publishing contracts scared us and we felt that author’s deserved more credit for their pieces.

Today is Manuscript Monday.  On Mondays we will talk to you about all aspects of your manuscript from writing it, to querying it, to submitting it, to editing it, to finding a publisher, and down to identifying your genre.  Our most common question that we get in our inquiry box is “How do I write a query letter that you will want?”

That will be our topic today, so come back in a little while as we discuss the infamous and not to be dreaded query letter.


The Pen Name Publishing Crew



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Pen Name Publishing Blog!

  1. Carolyn Waddell says:

    I went to a writing seminar where if your name was chosen you could pitch to sev publishing houses. Talk about stress and being put on the spot! After I was through, one the publishers came up to me and told me to “flesh out” the story further. He also said He thought it would be a remarkible screen play. I was crushed. I tossed it and started fresh! I do not want to write screen plays. You’re query letter comments are very helpful. When I read it I still go nervous knots, but I felt I could also rise to the task. You’ve given me something to work on/towards and I thank you.

    • Hey Carolyn!
      Thank you for commenting. I’m glad our comments are helpful. Over the next few months we will dive deeper into query letters through #manuscriptmonday as well as other manuscript topics.
      Our author’s are pretty familiar with the “flesh this out” topic. Please don’t let that scare you off! Think of it this way, we’re saying “Wow, I love this part but I need more to be satisfied.”
      We’ve asked this of every manuscript coming up in at least one place in the story. If you still have that rough draft, you might think about fleshing some parts out! Maybe they loved the book and thought it should be optioned into a movie as well!

      Thanks again for commenting Carolyn, we look forward to sharing more in the upcoming days.

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